Monday, May 5, 2014

Hello Spring!

Well, it's more like Hello Summer here!

Do you know it was 94 degrees yesterday? Now I am truly sorry for those of you who are still having snow, but personally I would trade the snow for the heat any day. I am not a lover of hotness, and I haven't had enough spring yet, for summer to come rushing in like that! 

Okay enough of my heat rant! heheh :) I have a nice little springy card to share with you today. And I am really hoping that my nice "warm" spring temps return.

Now I realize that this card has an egg on it and Easter is over, but I'm still making Christmas cards too right? So what's wrong with an Easter egg after Easter? 

This adorable little flowery egg is from Purple Onion Designs. I colored it with my Copic markers and cut it out. It is mounted with foam tape on the stitched mat, by Lawn Fawn. The sentiment is from Purple Onion Designs also.

Thanks so much for stopping by today! 

I hope you enjoy your week!


Kay :)


  1. 94? Did you say 94? Oh my! I'm with you: hotness and I are not cozy companions whatsoever. We rarely, rarely see such temperatures here, but when we travel to Bend, OR in the summer, that's a whole 'nother story! After this winter (that keeps going...and going...and going), I'm going to 'try' to embrace hot weather a bit more (maybe...*grin*). Your after-Easter card is pure delight, Kay, withits vibrant springy flowers and colours. More smiles and sparkles added to my day! Hugs~c

  2. It was a hot day also today.
    This card is beautiful! Love the pretty egg bouquet.

  3. What a gorgeous card. I love the image with the flowers coming out of the egg. And I say nothing wrong with posting an Easter card after Easter.

  4. So so pretty Kay, totally okay to make an Easter card after Easter. I am a wee bit envious of your warm weather please send some north!

  5. Holy cow...94 is hot. I love your beautiful coloring. Gorgeous card Kay!

  6. Totally with on you the heat! I'll take snow over at any day!! In fact, summer is my least favourite month...BY FAR!! I dread it every year!! It's funny because a lot of Canadians move down to Florida for the winter to escape the cold...I would be doing the opposite and opting to move up to the North Pole during summer (and really, it doesn't even get *that* hot here!!).
    Love, love your card!! And YES, who says that you can't put an egg on your card (especially when it's this sweet!) - rules schmules!!! Your colouring...swoon!!!

  7. Such a perfect Spring card!! So beautiful how you colored this pretty image!! And of course it's totaly ok with the Easter Egg after Easter!! hehe
    Hugs :)

  8. Adorable! Love this spring card! Yes why not make a card with an egg on it :) love the colors and coloring. I think we are in for a long hot summer here in CA.

  9. Oh my, 94?! No two ways about it, that is dang hot! I hope you didn't have to deal with humidity on top of that temp, that would be just about unbearable in my opinion. We thought 85 was hot which is what we have had the past few days, but no...94 is too dang hot this time of year. I don't blame you for your heat rant. Someone needs to tell Mother Nature to get things a bit more balanced!

    Onto your fantastic card. I my view, Kay, you can make any sort of themed/holiday card any old time you wish. Your work is worth seeing at any given moment. I adore the coloring on this one. It is so bright and spring-y with just the right amount of shading. Sure made me smile to see it. Your talents shine brightly even in 94 degree heat. ;)

  10. This card definitely is my favorite among all the spring cards I have seen, love the egg as a flower basket :)

  11. Wow, this is beautiful, Kay!!!

  12. Not sure why I didn't get a notice about this post...hmmm
    What a beautiful and happy card! Your Copic coloring is really brings these images to life, and your crisp, clean design is stunning, Kay! You can make any holiday card anytime you like, because I just love your cards!!!

  13. What a delightful, colorful card, love it!


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