Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Butterflies and Little Houses!

Hello dear friends!

I just wanted to pop in here and let you all know that I have added a few new ornaments to my Etsy Store. 

I have lately been obsessed with butterflies and little houses :) I'm having a real hard time not keeping them all though. I keep telling myself, I can make more, but I really have a strong aversion to making the same thing twice, so when I really like one, I keep it! :D  

I have managed to let a few of them go with the thought that I do have pictures and if I really want to, I could make another one :)

I've also finally released my hold on Christmas, and moved into Spring with some new pretty pastel and summery bright colors. I'm loving it and having so much fun with these!

Here's just a few of the new ones I've added. If you want to see them all you can check out my Etsy Store here.

Okay the little house is still a bit Christmassy, but I am working on some Springy flowery ones at the moment :)

Thanks so much for stopping by!


Kay :)


  1. Kay, these are truly gorgeous!

  2. Wow Kay, these are stunning, so are the all others in your beautiful Etsy shop! I had to Pin a few. Thanks for leaving me a sweet comment on my blog too, you really made me smile. ~Diane

  3. Seriously, I can NOT get enough of these! They are just SO unbelievably gorgeous!! I have mine hangin in my craft room right now, because there is no way I can wait until Christmas to see it again!!!

  4. WOW Kay, these are all so gorgeous. I think my favorite is the house but they are all just stunning. You are SO talented.

  5. Oh, Kay...every, single one of them are absolutely GORGEOUS!!! Such beautiful designs, and the colors are! I can't wait to see what you have posted in your store! Thank you so much for letting us know ♥

  6. Absolutely fabulous work, Kay. You certainly have a golden touch when it comes to creating these detailed and beautiful ornaments. Your attention to detail is remarkable. The colors you select and the designs you create are perfect in every way. Thank you so very much for sharing your talent with us. I admire you and your work so very much!

  7. These are so stunning. Exquisite detail and colour.

  8. Oh Kay, the intricacy of your ornaments, paired with the splendid details and colours, AND the sweet shapes (you already know I'm swooning over the butterflies!), have me nearly speechless with awe and delight! Gorgeous and stunning seem inadequate, but that's all I can say, because they are. Wait...let's add elegant, exquisite and classy...there!! Your ornaments are masterpieces!! Hugs~c

  9. Oh my word, these literally took my breath away when I opened your blog on my screen, Kay! I've never seen ornaments this gorgeous, WOW!!!

  10. Oh my my Kay :) I am a big time fan of ur stunning ornaments, I am totally amazed, u r the best !


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