Saturday, April 14, 2018

Sunny Studios - Party Pups

Hi Friends!

I have a confession to make.... I have five dogs! Yes! When I married my husband 21 years ago, I had three dogs, and he put a three dog limit on our household. Well, for most of those 21 years it stuck. But about a year ago my daughter started wanting her own dog. She was well aware of the 3 dog limit, but she finally asked me why Daddy had the authority to put a limit on how many dogs we could have, especially since he wasn't the one who took care of them. I thought that was a pretty good question and wondered why I hadn't questioned that in all of those years. Anyway I told her father this, and he agreed that she could get a puppy. He had requirements though. He said it had to be a small dog, and it had to have short hair. Of course she wanted a husky! haha! To make a long story short here, my brother's Australian Shepherd had 9 puppies, and she wanted one of those. Not small dogs, and probably not going to be short haired. Okay she picked hers out, and then I picked mine out! Oh no two! We named them, and went to see them everyday, then when the time came we brought them BOTH home! Two dogs that were going to be large! What is really weird though, is my husband was okay with it. I think he really liked them :) So we now have five dogs. The two new ones are Tesla ( my daughter's ) and Mabel is mine. They are such sweet dogs! I'm happy we got them both :) Here they are. Tesla is the black one and Mabel is the blonde one. They are 9 months old now. I think we can tell which one is the trouble maker?? 

Okay now onto my cards! I am thrilled to be guesting with Sunny Studio Stamps again this month! They have such cute products and the owner, my friend Mendi is such a pleasure to work with!

My two cards today are using the adorable new stamp set called Party Pups. Hence the story above about my own two party pups! :)

So for the background I used Distress inks, Broken China and Cracked Pistachio. I blended onto Bristol Board and sprinkled with water. 

The cute images were all colored with Copic markers, cut out with the coordinating dies, and adhered with foam tape. I stamped the sentiment and the balloon strings with black ink.

My second card was made exactly the same as the first, although I used Wilted Violet Distress ink on my background.  All of the cute little dogs were colored with Copic markers and cut out with the coordinating dies. 

I also added some gloss white Nuvo Crystal drops to finish it up. I had a lot of fun coloring these cute little dogs!

I hope you have enjoyed my cards and my dog story today! Be sure to check out all of the wonderful products at Sunny Studio Stamps!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Kay :)


  1. Thanks for sharing your doggy story Kay! So many ways I can relate to your story! I LOVE my Sugar and wouldn't really mind another (few) pups around!
    Your cards are amazing and adorable... so love your talent!

  2. Thanks so much for sharing the fun story about your puppies. LOVE the picture. Mabel looks like such a sweetie and Teslah reminds me of our Ollie. LOL Your cards make me smile. They are so very cute. I like how even the spotting on your backgrounds are. You do that very well. I like how you most of the time ink blend your backgrounds, too. The puppies are adorable in your cards. Great card designs. So fun! Thanks for sharing, Kay. Enjoy the long walks with your big little puppies! Hugs!

  3. Cute, CUTE cards Kay! Your blended backgrounds are always amazing and look fabulous with those adorable pups! Loved your dog story too and what cuties the 2 new ones are! I can't quite imagine 5 dogs in the house, but we have 2 and when our daughter and son in law lived with us for awhile we had 3 and that felt like quite a zoo some days! But yes, I missed little Beamer when he left with his mommy and daddy!! :0) Have a great weekend Kay! :0)

  4. Your cards are adorable, but the pups even more so! So cute!

  5. Wheeee! I've been waiting impatiently for you to share an updated photo of Tesla and Mabel! Thank you, Kay, for sharing one that totally expresses their personalities! Now ... if it isn't asking too much ... can you share one of all five of them together? I would really love to see them all. I think it's just wonderful and reflects what a warm and loving home you have - and way to go, hubby, for giving in! I'll bet you had adorable and amazingly-colored cards in this post, too, huh? Sorry, but my eyeballs were stolen by Tes and Mable!! Hugs, Darnell

  6. Aww, I love seeing cute pup photos AND dog-themed cards!

  7. Your cards are very sweet and yes, it’s pretty easy to see who the trouble maker is written all over Tesla’s face and I love it!

  8. Thank you for sharing your sweet pup story! Your 2 aussies are beautiful! You are my favorite card maker and it is wonderful to know how much you love dogs as well! (Huge dog lover here!)

  9. Your cards are as adorable as always and how cute are those real pups! Your hubby sounds like a trooper, what a guy!

  10. Five dogs!! WOW!! I have one and would love to have a playmate for him! So glad you shared that tidbit! Would LOVE to see a picture of all five together - if that is possible!! HAHA. Cute puppy card.

  11. Beautiful coloring and your backgrounds are amazing, Kay! Two really cute cards and two really, really cute pups! I don't think Mabel is the trouble maker...she looks like such a sweet girl, and I'll bet Tesla is a lot of fun to have around the house :)

  12. Such cute babies! Love hearing the story of how you increased your family to five. Thanks again for the darling cards.


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