Friday, November 22, 2013

Preparing For The Holidays

Yes! Yes! It's that time of year! It's my favorite time of the whole year! I just wish I had more hours in a day to get everything done, and that it didn't zoom by quite so fast. I would love to be able to kick back and enjoy the holidays, but there is sooooo much to do!! 

So I haven't been able to do a lot of card making in the past couple of weeks. ( sad) Although I have been enjoying what I'm working on very much! 

Since I didn't have a card to share, I thought I would share some of the things I'm working on presently.

I am doing a December Daily album this year. I have done this every year for the past three years and I love it! It's so fun to do and the fam and I LOVE going back and looking at them to see what the previous Christmas's were like. I have always done mine digitally, as I am a digital scrapper from way back. This year I decided that I was going to do it traditionally with paper, stamps and dies. Oh my! I was really overwhelmed when I first started this. I had no idea what to do, or how to do it. I keep thinking the whole time, how much easier this would be if I could just do it on the computer. But... I persevered! I kept playing around with pages and adding paper and finally I think I have my head wrapped around this whole paper scrapping thing. haha! For now, I am just putting the base pages together. I have some alpha and number dies ordered, and I will go back and put the day and date on them with those. When December rolls around, I'll add my pictures for each day and do some journaling. Voila! I'm all done! I'm looking forward to doing this, but I do think I'm going to tackle my Project Life digitally for 2014 :)

Another project I have been working on is getting ornaments made for all of my friends and family. I have been working with polymer clay for almost 20 years now. Years ago before the children came into the picture, I sold them at craft shows and miniature shows around the country. I don't do the shows anymore; and I don't have the time or desire to create mass quantities, but I still love to get my clay out this time of year and create a few for our family and friends. 

Okay so that is what I've been up to in my extremely small amount of free time :) Tomorrow is my day to play and I hope to get a few more ornaments made along with some gift bags to put them in. 

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Thanks so much for stopping by!


Kay :)


  1. Sounds like your December album is going to be fantastic and I love your clay ornaments. I can't believe you make those.

  2. OMG your little clay ornaments are the most adorable things I have seen EVER!!! They are SO sweet!! And I LOVE your idea for journaling your December events and fun! It's such a magical time of year, and SUCH a cool memory book to look back on as the years go by! A total treasure!

  3. OMG - Kay, is there no end to your talents? Those ornaments are fantastic! You would do an absolutely roaring trade in the scrapbooking industry I'm sure! Let me know when you start Hope we get to see your finished Christmas albums!

  4. Wow wow wow Kay, you need to have very steady hands and wonderful fin motor skills to do these ornaments Loving the owl and your friends and family must feel so special getting a true Kay Miller design for their trees!

  5. OVER the TOP AMAZZZZZZZZING!!! I cannot believe you made those little ornaments of perfection!!! Ok, maybe I can... but they are simply stunning!!!! I would buy a little pink owl for my daughter whoooooooooo has her entire bedroom decked out in owls. She just loves them!! :) :)

    Your album pages look gorgeous and the colors are my faves!! I love blue at the holidays!! :) :)
    Fabulous work!! xo

  6. Those handmade ornaments are over the top adorable! The detail is so perfect and the cuteness is ..well just too darn cute! This tiny candy cane and that Santa it all!
    Love the bright papers for you album looks like lots of fun to look back on and lots of work now. I never got into making many albums.....wish I did.

  7. Oh, how I COVET those ornaments! SO wonderful!
    I wish my life was interesting enough to warrant a Daily book. Never gonna happen...

  8. Oh. My. Gosh. Miss have absolutely outdone yourself in the cute and adorable and amazing factor with what you have accomplished already with December Daily AND all those fantastically wonderful ornaments you have created. There are simply no words that I can come up with that would adequately express how truly talented you are. None. Thank you for sharing what you are working on. You are an inspiration and I'm so pleased you are willing to share little nuggets with us. Thank you! Have the happiest of Saturdays! *Ü*

  9. I like working with polymer clay to. It take time but after many years my collection really start to take
    You are very talented , and it is always a real pleasure when I receive your post.

  10. I miss seeing your cards, but I must say your time has been spent wisely! Your December Daily cards are just perfect, Kay! Good for you for tackling this project manually after all these years, too!

    I LOVE your clay ornaments so much! So colorful and fun, and your details are truly amazing! It's evident that you've been making them for some time...I sure wish I had your talent!

    Thanks so much for sharing your projects with us! I would love to see your packaging, if you have the time to share it with us...Hope you're having a fun weekend!!!

  11. i loooove your little clay pieces!!

  12. Wow those clay pieces are just so adorable!

  13. What a fab project to do an album for precious memories! And, those clay ornaments blow my mind...soooo CUTE!!! So much detail and wonderful color! Take care and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  14. Your December Daily Album looks awesome! And i love the idea! Would like to see a little bit more of it,after you added some pictures and details!! Please!! :)
    And you know how much i adore your Clay creations!!! Always have and always will! I loved using them on my Digital Layouts!! To bad you don't sell them anymore...would love to own one,but you know that allready! haha

  15. Girl, if you ever do find yourself with time or a need for money, you could sell those clay ornaments in a heartbeat! They look SO professional, so impeccable! I'm blown away! And I loved your story about your scrapping journey. I find it very compelling that you were on the forefront of digital scrapping and have turned that around and tried your hand at nondigital, which is the opposite of most of us. Speaking for myself, I find digital very hard and intimidating and it's so interesting that you felt that way about paper at first. It's fun to read! I look forward to a full analysis of the two forms when you have an album finished!

    Happy Thanksgiving, Kay, to you and yours! I hope you aren't impacted by the storms wherever you are! Hugs, Darnell

  16. Your owl ornaments are adorable! So pretty!

  17. ow sooooooo so lovely Kay, I wish you made them into scraps... you are so talented and I miss your kits!!!! I hope all is well with you!!!

  18. Oh my gosh ... these are beyond adorable, Kay!!!


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