Monday, October 28, 2013

More Exciting News!!

Yes, that's right! I was thrilled to be invited by Michele of Purple Onion Designs to be on the Holiday Design team!! Their images are precious!! I have seen a sneak peak of the new holiday designs and let me tell you, they are just adorable! I'm looking forward to working with Michele and the other design team members!

Well, I don't have a new card to show you today, but I'm working on that right at the moment. Got some lovely Christmas goodies out to play with today! I'll share soon!

Also, I just recreated a new facebook page for my cards and crafty projects if you would like to follow me there :) You can click on the link in my header above or the active link right here.

Several people have asked to see a picture of my newly remodeled craftroom, so here's a peek of my little piece of heaven. This is just the corner where I do most of my work. Although, I am pretty new to the blogging community, I have been stamping for almost 20 years. I am so happy to have my own little space now. I have a terrible time turning off the light and walking out at night!

Thanks bunches for stopping  by! Hope you have a wonderful week!


Kay :)


  1. Congrats Kay on the new DT gig. They are lucky to have you. And your craft space looks fabulous. So neat and organized.

  2. HUGE Congrats again Kay!
    Your craft corner looks perfect :)

  3. hooray! So excited to be working with you again! This is going to be a really fun experience.

  4. Congrats on being asked to be part of the Holiday Design Team, Kay! I can't wait to see what you create in your beautiful craft room! I would have trouble leaving too, if my space was so pretty!

  5. Wow!!! Double congrats!! So thrilled for you!!! And that craft room is a dream!!! No wonder you don't want to leave it!!

  6. Congratulations Kay! You will be wonderful on any DT! I was checking this co. Out today when I saw Lesley made the DT as well.
    What a beautiful craft room! I would never go to sleep....oh I already don't Love your ink shelves. Thanks for sharing your space with us Kay.

  7. Kay congratulations on your new DT! I can't wait to see what you do, so many of my favourite bloggers are on the team! You and Lesley are both on the team, it is going to be great. You crafty space is fantastic, thank you for sharing the photo. Your comment about not wanting to turn out the light is just like me. I have such a hard time leaving and going to bed.

  8. Congratulations!
    What a super craft room!

  9. Congratulations, Kay! I'm thrilled for you about both the DT opportunity AND having that gorgeous craft space! It looks like a wonderful place to create. It's no wonder you don't want to leave. You are very deserving of all the good things coming your way. Hugs!

  10. How awesome,Kay!! Congrats,you SO rock!! :) I your craftroom! I hope one of these days,i'll get my own room too!


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