Friday, July 24, 2015

Reverse Confetti Inspiration Station

Hello Friends!

Are you signed up for the Reverse Confetti Newsletter?? Well if not, you need to run do that right now!!
You can do it HERE.

I have a new card exclusively in the newsletter today for the Inspiration Station feature. I picked out an awesome photo on Pinterest that inspired my card. Here's a sneak peek for you!

No watercoloring or even much stamping, just having fun with pretty colored card stock and Confetti Cuts! To see the whole card and read about how I did it, you'll need to hop on over to Reverse Confetti and sign up for the newsletter!

Thanks so much for stopping by!


Kay :)


  1. Ok, you got me with the sneak peek of what you made! Off to sign up so I can see every single detail. :)

  2. Loving this sneak peek! Can't wait to see the newsletter!

  3. Pinks and whites are so pretty !

  4. SQUEAL!! LOVE this!! Just AWESOME!! =) THANKS for sharing and have a FABULOUS WEEKEND Kay!! =)

  5. Oh my gosh this is too cute already!

  6. I've been receiving the newsletter for quite a while, so seeing your card appear directly in my mailbox was an extra special treat! Everything about it: love! Can you believe I have some RC that is still unused? Eeek! Need to change that once we get back home...Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. Thanks so much for the link for the newsletter! I can't wait to see this card in full looks amazing, of course! Hope your weekend is off to a great start ~ Hugs!

  8. love the leaves with the heart Kay! Fabulous designing! Love it!

  9. Looks beautiful! Guess I need to sign up for the newsletter! :)


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